Audit roadmap

Use the audit programme to achieve correct, complete and current product information in My Product Manager in just five steps!


STEP 1: Selecting products

From the range in My Product Manager we randomly select products to be audited according to specific selection criteria. 

STEP 2: Preparing for the audit

To prepare for the audit, you will be asked to perform a few tasks, including checking the validation rules in My Product Manager, collecting artwork or photos, as well as requesting exemptions where relevant. 

STEP 3: Performing the audit

The audit is will be carried out digitally and using specific software. The scoring algorithm for the audited fields, which is based on the established assessment criteria, ensures a correct result per product.

STEP 4: Feedback

After the audits have been carried out, it's time for the outcome. You are informed by email when the feedback on your products is available in the My Audits application.  

STEP 5: Re-audit

A re-audit can be requested for 'insufficient' products. We will re-audit the products once the errors have been corrected in My Product Manager. 

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