Article data capture by an external party (DMS)

You can choose to have your product information recorded by a certified DMS (Data Management Service) in My Product Manager or by GS1 Belgilux. Products recorded by a certified DMS are exempt from inspection.

Since March 2023, My Data Capture converts your product's label information (*) into standardised GS1 product sheets for easy sharing with data recipients such as retailers, marketplaces, apps and consumers.

(*) for prepacked food products

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Here you can find some possible DMS parties certified by GS1 Nederland

Please follow this flow to request exemptions due to capture of product information by one of the certified DMS parties

  1. Supplier asks the DMS to send a list of the relevant GTIN/GLN combinations with a confirmation to the sector helpdesk, with the supplier contact person in CC.  
  2. The DMS  party composes the list and sends the e-mail with the Excel annex (with GTIN/GLN combo’s). Please mention in the e-mail title ‘List exemptions for supplier X (GLN X) due to capture by DMS party (name)’ 
  3. GS1 Belgilux processes this list and confirms both parties (DMS & supplier in CC) via e-mail. 
  4. The exempted GTINs will not be taken into account with the audit sampling. 

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