Unique identification in the DIY, Garden & Pet sector

My Product Manager

Create product codes using My Product Manager

Identify your products in just a few steps with My Product Manager! 

My Product Manager is a platform that enables you to: 

  • create product codes with a few clicks; 
  • download the corresponding barcodes. 

These product codes serve as product passports, and are therefore vital if you are intending to sell your products in stores or online. 

What’s more, the platform gives you a clear overview of the products within your range, together with each product’s unique product code. 

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How can I access it?


Via the online program

You can create your product codes and barcodes in just a few clicks, thanks to the intuitive, user-friendly My Product Manager program. Just a few clicks, and it’s done! 


Via Excel

You can import existing GTINs into My Product Manager and easily find all your products centralised on one platform. 


Via a GS1 GDSN data pool

Using GS1 GDSN? You can publish your GTIN codes to the GLN of My Product Manager  5410000876546. 

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Does the sector use any other identification codes?

As for your products, you can use GS1 identification keys to identify other elements as well, such as logistics units, locations, reusable carriers, etc. GS1 identification keys are unique identification numbers that are valid worldwide. These are the most commonly used codes in the DIY, Garden and Pet sector: 



GTIN – Code for products


GLN – Code for locations


SSCC – Code for pallets containing products


GRAI – Code for product carriers


GCN – Code for coupons

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