GS1 Digital Link

Connecting your products directly to consumer, providing instant access to trusted information and yet being scannable at the casher… this is what the QR code powered by GS1 with Digital Link can offer.

One barcode infinite possibilities. Homepage when scanned by camera of a smartphone, recycling instructions: app with sorting instructions, allergen information: app for ingredients, legal requirements: app for customs, inspiration: app to learn how a product is used, sustainability information: app for sustainability initiatives, offers & promotions: app from retailer and so much more

What are the benefits of the GS1 Digital Link?

Everyone in the supply chain benefits of the new generation of barcodes. Discover here the benefits for every stakeholder

Advantages for the supplier

As a member of GS1 Belgilux, you use GS1 barcodes and all your products already have a unique GTIN. This means you are on the right track to enjoy the benefits of a next generation barcode.

Advantages retailer
Advantages consumer

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