Global Data Model – FAQ

GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg and GS1 Netherlands switch to Global Data Model

On 22/11/2021, the current standardised product sheet used in the Benelux shall be aligned with the Global Data Model. 

Logo Global Data Model

Find out the differences between the current and the future sheet via the files below:

  • Basic file
    • ideal for suppliers with a consistent range of products in the same product category
    • select your product category, then indicate whether you wish to display new, modified or deleted fields for that category
  • Extended file:
    • ideal for retailers or suppliers with a heterogeneous range of products belonging to different product categories
    • view per new, modified or deleted field the product categories to which they apply


Discover below the answers to the most prevalent questions concerning the migration to the Global Data Model. 

What impact does the alignment of the Benelux data model with the Global Data Model mean for me? 

This depends on the way you create and manage your product sheets within My Product Manager share or a data pool of the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GS1 GDSN): 

How can I test if my product information is compliant with the Global Data Model?

This depends on how you create and maintain product sheets within My Product Manager Share or a data pool of the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GS1 GDSN):


Do you have other questions?

Contact us at FMCG & Foodservice department GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg via or by phone +32 2 229 18 88.