Exchanging commercial documents via EDI - Advanced

FMCG & Foodservice
Exchanging commercial documents via EDI

Previous knowledge: It is recommended that you have followed the training EDI Basics or that you have relevant experience with this subject. 

To the EDI BASICS training


The training is based on the national, sector-specific Order-to-Cash manual "Harmonized Order-to-Cash" of the FMCG and Food Service sectors. However, after the training, you will also be able to read other EDI manuals based on EANCOM/EDIFACT syntax.

After the training you will know:

  • EDI Basics
  • Logistics Label (SSCC) and Electronic Consignment Note (DESADV)
    • What the basic rules of the EDIFACT syntax are
      how an
    • EDI message is constructed
    • how to read an EDI manual
    • ORDERS (electronic purchase order): from which elements a standard ORDERS message is built up, which different types of ORDERS exist, how the type of product ordered can have an impact on the content of the message
    • DEDADV message (electronic delivery note): from which elements a standard DEDADV message is built, how the configuration of the logistic units, the tracking requirements of certain products, the destination of delivery, ... can have an impact on the content of the message
    • INVOIC (electronic invoice/credit note): which types of electronic invoices exist, which conditions an electronic invoice has to satisfy to be legal: dematerialisation conditions, mandatory statements and VAT calculation steps, which elements a standard INVOIC message consists of, how VAT exemptions and surcharges can be applied by means of a code i.e. a code to be used by the sender. how VAT exemptions, payment conditions, invoice and trade discounts, surcharges, deposits, unit conversions, etc. affect the content of the invoice

English training on demand.

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