Documentation for suppliers

Exemption criteria

The criteria you can use to apply for an exemption for one or more selected products are: 

  • The product information for this product has been captured through a certified Data Management Service (DMS) (please provide evidence). 
  • The product will be discontinued within 3 months: in this case please also complete the correct 'EndAvailabilityDateTime’ in My Product Manager.  
  • The product has already been audited and there has been no relevant change to it since: 
    • Small typing errors (e.g. commas, dots and capitals) are not considered changes.
    • Changes across the whole product range (e.g. brand name changes) can be announced to us in advance, so they do not have to impact the validity of already audited products in the range.
  • The product is a variable weight item, a product sold in bulk or a private label and therefore not labelled towards the consumer.

If you think you qualify for an exemption, please let us know by sending an email to Please clearly state in the email subject line that your email concerns an 'application for audit programme exemption' and provide the relevant products and what you consider to be the relevant criteria for exemption. 


Audit programme price

The cost price of participating in the audit programme depends on GS1 membership and My Product Manager subscription. 

The audit price is per product. The first re-audit per product is free. 

View the audit programme prices


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