New Global Coupon Number when the coupon is renewed?

The validity date of a coupon cannot be changed after the coupon has been issued after the start date of the period within which the coupon is valid. After all, this is one of the conditions that a cash register must check to know whether or not the discount may be granted.

The validity date is printed on the coupon in human-readable format, but is also delivered to the cash register by My Coupon Manager in machine-readable format along with the other coupon information. The validity date cannot be changed in My Coupon Manager after the start date.

The rule is simple:

  • reprint of coupon with exactly the same conditions including validity date: same Global Coupon Number. This reprint is done during the current discount promotion.
  • reprint of discount coupon with one or more different conditions, such as new validity date: new Global Coupon Number. In other words, this reprint is done as a new discount promotion


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