GS1 Innovation Café

Op het kruispunt van innovatie en standaardisatie worden professionals uitgenodigd om (virtueel) samen te komen en de mogelijkheden en valkuilen van de technologieën van morgen te bespreken. 

Het GS1 Innovation Café is een terugkerend maar uniek informatie- en netwerkevent van GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg.

Future of EDI - November 30th 2021

Our 5th Innovation Café will be held on November 30th

"Is there still a future for old school EDI?" That's what we're asking our Belgian and international guest speakers. The topic for this edition is therefore transactional data exchange. We'll talk about the current cross-sectoral and cross-border standards. We'll also have a look at what advantages an international standard such as Peppol can bring your organization.

This time around, you can attend the GS1 Innovation Café either physically or virtually. More information will follow soon. 

GS1 SMART-Box - April 27th 2021

Our 4th Innovation Café was held digitally on the 27th of April.

This time, the topic was the GS1 SMART-Box! This is an innovative and reusable transport box to increase efficiency and sustainability in logistic processes.  

During the Innovation Café, different players from the supply chain shared their insight on and experience with the GS1 SMART-Box. 

Towards a circular economy for plastic packaging (past)

Sustainability has become a key driver for (profitable) business for consumers, regulators and trading partners alike.

GS1 is now stepping on board with companies rethinking and restructuring their operating models, proving that open and standardized data are key for delivering sustainable performance.

During this GS1 Innovation Café, which took place on November 24th 2020, we heard from regulators why sustainability is now high on the agenda. We also dove into the pioneer project HolyGrail 2.0. Led by AIM, this project includes over 90 participating companies such as P&G and GS1 in Europe.

Artificial Intelligence for better data quality

Data is the new oil. If this is true, then intelligence is the new gasoline: raw but complex data needs to be refined in order to be useful. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in. Does AI really have the potential to improve data quality? And what added value can GS1 standards offer when using AI?

To answer these, and other questions, GS1 Belgilux organised the GS1 Innovation Café: Artificial Intelligence for better data quality. 

On November 14th 2019, the GS1 Innovation Café was about Artificial Intelligence for better data quality. By bringing specific cases, GS1 aimed to shed light on the role of artificial intelligence and how it relates to the existing challenges and solutions.

Trusted Supply Chains & Blockchain

The climate is changing. Raw materials are becoming more and more scarce. Social conflicts and cyber-attacks are the order of the day. Reason enough to lie awake at night! New technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and 3D printing sound promising. But are they really? And what is the role of GS1 in this story?

The first GS1 Innovation Café was about Trusted Supply Chains & Blockchain. It took place on June 5th 2019. By bringing specific cases, GS1 aimed to shed light on the role of blockchain and how it relates to the existing challenges and solutions.