How to retrieve coupon information from My Coupon Manager

Coupon information from My Coupon Manager via promotion engine to checkout

Supermarkets can receive the coupon information of national coupons valid in different store formats daily via My Coupon Manager in machine-readable format (XML) via an sFTP connection. This coupon information can then be processed in the retailer's promotion engine.

This method is similar to product information that is received from My Product Manager and loaded into the retailer's Product Information Management (PIM) system.

The promo engine is a software package that is used to manage all types of promotions - national and instore coupons, promotions in leaflets and on posters or shelf displays in stores, etc.

The POS system is connected to the promo engine, so it can check during the sales transaction whether all conditions for a certain discount have been met.

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Redemption data from cash register via promotion engine to My Coupon Manager

Conversely, supermarkets must deliver the redemption data (overview of accepted coupons per store and per cash register) to GS1 for data quality monitoring and HighCo Data for clearing on a daily basis. Both players have a different role in the coupon ecosystem.

The supermarket's promo engine will send this redemption data in machine-readable format (XML) over an sFTP connection.

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New functionalities

The following projects are in preparation:

  • adding live connection (API JSON XML), in addition to the existing batch connection (sFTP XML): so that data can be processed faster and more efficiently
  • add promo engine module in My Coupon Manager; so even shops without their own central promo engine can link their cash register directly to My Coupon Manager. 

Read up on our ambition for a mobile discount voucher too.


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