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FMCG & Foodservice
Doe-Het-Zelf, Tuin & Dier
Expertise: Barcodes, Barcode label design /print software, Product master data, Integration backoffice software - GDSN, Consultancy, Transactional data (EDI), Web (portal) HO2C (transactions within FMCG-Foodservice sector), Web (portal) EANCOM (other specific transactional), Machine-to-machine HO2C (transactions within FMCG-Foodservice sector), Machine-to-machine PEPPOL (cross-sectors transactions), Machine-to-machine EANCOM (other specific transactions)
GS1 Partner


We offer a distinctive combination of technical know-how, business experience and solutions in the fields of data management and data-driven label management.

Our Data Management Solutions: Integrate, cleanse, migrate and manage data across platforms to produce accurate, consistent information with the T2S Migration Platform, Data Quality Dashboard, GS1 GDSN Mapping Service and GS1 GDSN API.

The T2S GS1 GDSN Mapping Service automatically translates the data from the GS1 Data Source Healthcare (GS1 GDSN) to the information required by the Healthcare sector (the ECHO-model). You can receive this translated data in any format you’d desire and easily process it in your EPD or ERP-system.

With the T2S GS1 GDSN API you can retrieve product information via a simple barcode scan at lightning speed. The API is easily accessible via a web application and has a user-friendly interface.
Our Label Management Solutions: Create, manage and centralize labels, comply with GS1 standards, food, healthcare or GHS hazmat regulations with Assetlabel, Mediclabel, One2Label Automation, Productlabel and Palletlabel and EDI.

For over a decade, we have refined methodologies and tools to deliver maximum benefits to our clients in a minimum of time. Customer satisfaction means everything to us.


  • Palletlabel and EDI Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) implementation compliant with GS1 standards between La Buena Tierra and Makro
  • Automatically exchange correct article master data between NedZink and wholesale partners using the T2S Data Migration Platform and Data Quality Dashboard
  • Endoss generates UDI datamatrix barcode labels for item, box and master carton level with Mediclabel. They are ready for the future.
  • Dijklander hospital uses the GS1 GDSN API web application to retrieve data from GS1 Data Source Healthcare with a simple barcode scan and the GS1 GDSN mapping service to map the data automatically to their Electronic health record system (EMR) and ERP system.


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