Driving digitalisation in Transport & Logistics with GS1 standards

Our 6th Innovation Café took virtually place on the 9th of December 2022.

As a manufacturer, retailer or logistics service provider, you need to know exactly where your goods and shipments are at all times. Where do they come from and when and where are they supposed to be delivered? Therefore transparency and efficiency in the logistics world is crucial. Digital documents will play an increasingly important role in the supply chain. GS1 supports this process with amongst others e-CMR and logistic labels.

Discover during this online session how GS1 can help you implement GS1 standards in logistic processes!

Driving digitalisation in Transport & Logistics with GS1 standards

Replay the entire Innovation Café

GS1 Innovation Café - Introduction

Laurens Verbist - Introduction

GS1 Innovation Café - Dirk Mostien

Dirk Mostien - Standards in Road Transport applications: There is no standard

GS1 Innovation Café - Thierry Grumiaux

Thierry Grumiaux - Transport & logistics within GS1

GS1 Innovation Café - Michiel Ruighaver

Michiel Ruighaver - Scan4Transport: Enabling freight to talk

GS1 Innovation Café - Rudy Hemeleers

Rudy Hemeleers - From Document to e-CMR/eFTI Dataset

GS1 Innovation Café - Kris Van Ransbeek

Kris Van Ransbeek - The importance of standards in a digitalised collaborative supply chain

GS1 Innovation Café - Joris Finck

Joris Finck - Data sharing as an accelerator in the realisation of synchromodal transport