Retailer session on 2D barcodes

GS1 Belgilux and GS1 Netherlands are partnering up to guide their retailers in a smooth global migration to 2D barcodes at retail POS. GS1 has the worldwide ambition to be ready for 2D at POS by the end of 2027, but ... is it feasible? How will it impact the POS?  What updates are needed? What are the best practises and learnings from other GS1 Member Organisations? 
These and many more questions are to be explored within the new Benelux testing programme, specifically for Benelux retailers.

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Wednesday 29th of March from 2 to 3PM.


All Benelux retailers from different sectors (including FMCG, Food service, DIY, garden, pet, apparel ...).
We also recommend to involve your POS solution provider, as this will help you in your technical evaluation along the way.


During this session, we wish to explain the objective and set-up of the testing programme, as well as share the learnings of previous testing at POS. 
The focus of the programme is rather technical, since we will deep-dive into the scanning of the 2D barcodes. We want to evaluate if/how different scenarios (e.g. use of multiple barcodes, e.g. coexistence of non-GS1 barcodes with GS1 barcodes) will impact scanning performance, and what it would then take to optimize this performance.

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