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Welcome and introduction!

Speaker: Jan Somers, CEO GS1 Belgilux

↠ NL & FR spoken

What can we expect during this digital forum and happy birthday my dear barcode!

Barcode pops out

40th anniversary of the barcode

In Belgium & Luxembourg, the most successful free standard in the world is celebrating its 40th birthday but it hasn’t aged at all despite its 6 billion beeps a day. Why, when and how did it started? And how does its future looks like?


One year further! Achievements 2021 and way forward

Speaker: Wouter Schaekers, President GS1 Belgilux – Director Product supply & Sustainability P&G    

↠ EN spoken

2021 is undoubtedly an unprecedented year. But GS1 didn’t stay still and has accompanied the needs of the market from different industries. What did we achieve the past year? What’s in it for you? What can we expect?

Koen Vandenabeel V2

My Product Manager as the cornerstone for (e-)commerce

Speaker: Koen Vandenabeele, CIO Versele Laga

↠ NL spoken

The Global Data Synchronisation Network of GS1 is growing worldwide. Each year 7% more GTINs are shared.  Also in Belgilux, more suppliers, retailers from different sectors, exchange product information via My Product Manager connected to GS1 GDSN. One platform, one customer journey. 


No (e-)commerce without data quality

Speakers: Ives Depoortere, CEO Jules Destrooper - BABM President; Rudi Petit-Jean, General Director Sligro Food Group Belgium & Wouter Schaekers, President GS1 Belgilux – Director Product supply & Sustainability P&G 

↠ NL spoken

Data exchange only makes sense if the data can be trusted. GS1 launched its digital audit program. What is it? Simple. The label information of the product is compared with the data in My Product Manager.

Hilde Decadt & Jacques Hayaux du Tilly

The impact of covid on (e)-commerce

Speakers: Hilde Decadt, COO Carrefour Belgium & Jacques Hayaux du Tilly, Group Assortment & Supply Chain Director Maxeda DIY group

↠ NL spoken

The pandemic really shined a light on the importance of global supply chains for making critical products available. As the months passed in 2020-2021, many supply chains were stretched to their limits. In this context, digitalised supply chains become vital. What are the lessons learned?

Combo 1

Lessons learned and impact on the healthcare sector

Speakers: Bart Van Waeyenberge, General Manager - VP Janssen Supply Chain Belgium &  Ulrike Kreysa, VP Healthcare GS1 Global

↠ EN spoken

Vaccines, masks, hydroalcoholic gel,…  the need for trusted data and traceability has never been so important. And with the introduction of the MDR regulation on medical devices in May 2021, the use of GS1 standards is growing in the healthcare sector as well. The first steps to a secured and efficient supply chain have been taken but the road is still long…


Why are GTINs mandatory to sell on a marketplace?

Speaker: Stijn Demeersseman, Category leader Personal Care & Medical Appliances Amazon Europe

↠ EN spoken

Membership at GS1 is growing fast. Especially for companies that want to sell online. GTINs are crucial to sell at marketplaces or for e-commerce. Why is this unique identification through the value chain so critical?  And can GS1 GDSN help to provide marketplaces with product information?


Is there a future for old school EDI ?

↠ FR & NL spoken

Digitalisation is here to stay. e-Procurement is therefore a hot topic on organisational and governmental level. What is the impact of this trend on the way we manage our orders and invoices? How can you prepare for the future?

Combo 3

Public policy. A digital product passport in the pipeline

Speaker: Francesca Poggiali, Chief Public Policy Officer GS1 & François Deprey, CEO GS1 France

↠ EN spoken

The EU plans regulations that imposes for every product in Europe a product passport. This of course as part of the green deal to make Europe green and more circular. What is it? And how can GS1 standards support this.



Jan Somers, CEO of GS1 Belgilux, and Wouter Schaekers, Chairman of the Board of Directors, summarise the GS1 FORUM 2021 and give the most important key take-aways. 

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