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What is GDSN?

The Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) is the world’s most extensive product data network. The network enables all businesses, regardless of the market they operate in, to transparently share high-quality information about their products.

Which is exactly what other companies are after: reliable and up-to-date information about the products on offer - so as to share the benefits with consumers and patients.

Using GDSN, product data are automatically uploaded, maintained and shared

This gives companies’ business partners immediate access to complete and up-to-date information with a view to trading products on the local and global markets.

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GDSN is also:


certified data pools worldwide


suppliers and retailers connected in Belgium and in Luxembourg


GTINs registered in the GS1 Belgilux data pool

Discover the benefits of GDSN :

Reduced administrative workload

Avoid multiple entries and updates and operate more efficiently. 

Swift market access

Speed up the market introduction of new products thanks to the increased visibility provided by the GDSN. 

Less costs

With less human intervention, you avoid order and billing errors, not to mention stock shortages. In a nutshell, fewer pointless expenses!

Improved stock management

Manage your stocks more efficiently and make the most of the enhanced traceability of products, improved visibility, better reporting practices and greater reach of your products in the sector as a whole. 

Offline as well as online!

Courtesy of GDSN, you get to automatically publish all product changes in a way that is instantly visible to all of your business partners, online and offline. 


Use GDSN as THE central location where you enter your product data once, before publishing them anywhere. 

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The Global Data Synchronisation Network

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