Convert Global Coupon Numbers into the correct barcode using the GCN tool

The new coupon standard requires you to display a Global Coupon Number (GCN) in a GS1 DataBar barcode.  

To help you create your GS1 DataBar barcode, GS1 Belgilux has developed a handy tool that is compatible with all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.). 

How does it work? 

• Visit the tool via the following link: https://gcn.gs1belu.org 
• Enter the GCN and the value in combination with their Application Identifiers (including the brackets).
For example: (255)5412345000150(3902)075 
• Choose the type of GS1 DataBar: Expanded or Expanded Stacked 
• The GS1 DataBar is automatically created in PDF or EPS format 
• Copy the full barcode including the numbers to the layout of your coupon 
• Send the coupon in PDF format to our barcode verification service for final verification