What was GS1 FORUM 2020 like?

This year's GS1 FORUM was fully virtual and emitted through a live stream. 

It was a great challenge for our team to organise GS1 FORUM 2020 and according to your feedback, we can say that it has been a great success.

We would like to thank you for your participation and engagement. More than 500 people from different companies and sectors across Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France attended GS1 FORUM 2020!  
Did you miss GS1 FORUM or would you like to see a session again? Have a look at the videos below.

View the presentations

The impact of global trends on GS1 Global strategy (EN)

Renaud de Barbuat (Chief Operating Officer at GS1 Global and former CIO at Carrefour Group) presents the market trends and strategy of GS1 Global Office.

The new GS1 Belgilux strategy (FR)

Vincent De Hertogh (President GS1 Belgilux - Director Supply Chain Strategy & Innovation at Delhaize Le Lion/De Leeuw) explains the main points of the GS1 Belgilux strategy.

One integrated platform: My Product Manager (NL/FR)

Robin Goossens (Standardisation Manager GS1 Belgilux) and Senne Van den Bergh (ICT manager GS1 Belgilux) present My Product Manager, a unique integrated platform for creating, managing and sharing product information. 

FMCG & Foodservice (NL)

Tom Depoorter (GS1 Belgilux), Thao Nguyen (Mondelez International) and Dimitri Sonck (Colruyt Group) explain the importance of product images and the Global Data Model.

Do-It-Yourself, Garden & Pet (FR/NL)

You will hear Sarah Lard (GS1 Belgilux) discuss with Xavier Verbeeck (Maxeda DIY Group) and Piet De Coninck (FEBIN) the evolution of the sector over the years. Past, present, future, everything will be discussed!

Healthcare (FR/NL)

Patrick Ponsaerts (GS1 Belgilux) lists the most important points concerning the implementation of UDI, Unique Device Identification.

The world of GS1 Standards (FR/NL)

Romy Geerts (GS1 Belgilux) explains how and why to uniquely identify your products with GS1 product codes.

Towards a circular economy for plastics (EN)

Wouter Schaekers (Supply chain innovation and sustainability, P&G and VP GS1 Belgilux), Karen Arkesteyn (Product Specialist & Innovation Manager GS1 Belgilux) and Francesca Poggiali (Public Policy Director Europe, GS1 Global Office) explain how to build a reliable and efficient marking system and contribute to a circular economy for plastics.

The future of cross-sector invoice (NL)

Johan Vernimme (Financial Business Analyst at GS1 Belgilux) and Dirk Willekens (Senior Product Specialist at GS1 Belgilux) explain how to implement PEPPOL and the concept of cross-sector invoice. 

The barcode revolution (NL/EN/FR)

Robert Beideman (Chief Solutions & Innovation Officer GS1 Global), Karen Arkesteyn (Product Specialist & Innovation Manager GS1 Belgilux), Vincent De Hertogh (President GS1 Belgilux - Director Supply Chain Strategy & Innovation at Delhaize Le Lion/De Leeuw) discuss the future of the barcode.

Conclusion (NL/FR)

Jan Somers (CEO, GS1 Belgilux) summarises the main points of this GS1 FORUM 2020.