How can I create product data in My Product Manager?

There are several ways to load the data into My Product Manager : 

  • Via the web environnement
  • Via API (JSON format)
  • From another GS1 GDSN data pool

Depending on the sector in which you are active, the options differ.

The options differ depending on the product data:

Upload option/Product information Web environnement API-Upload Publication from a GDSN-datapool
Product ID-card ✅**
FMCG & Foodservice B2C model (limited to Nutrition information)*
FMCG & Foodservice B2B + B2C data model *

Only for Base units

Do-it-Yourself, Garden & Pet*

Only for Base units


*Available for companies that have My Product Manager Share subscription (see tariff)
** Companies can publish from GS1 GDSN to the GLN of My Product Manager 5410000876546 or to target market Belgium (056) or Luxembourg (442), but still need a My Product Manager account!

More about My Product Manager in your sector!

FMCG & Foodservice

FMCG & Foodservice

Construction site

Do-it-Yourself, Gaden & Pet