Coupons and My Coupon Manager


The Global Coupon Number or GCN is a unique identification key to identify a coupon worldwide. That number is encoded in a barcode, and printed on the discount voucher.

Coupon issuers register the coupon information in "My Coupon Manager". This includes, among others, the products to which the discount applies and how many of them must be purchased, but all other conditions too.

The coupon information is delivered to the supermarket by My Coupon Manager, who then forward this to their cash registers.

Products and coupons are scanned at the cash register. If the cash register also has the coupon information, it can autonomously check whether all conditions are met to automatically grant the discount.


Unique coupon identification

What is the Global Coupon Number (GCN)?

As a coupon publisher, how can you obtain GCNs?

Barcodes on coupons

Which barcode is used on the coupons?

How do you create the barcode?

Have the scannability of the barcode checked free of charge.

New Global Coupon Number when the coupon is renewed?

What if you want to reprint an existing coupon?

Personalized Internet coupons

What are personalized Internet coupons (e-coupons)?

How do you issue e-coupons?

What is the difference between e-coupons and mobile coupons (m-coupons)?

Coupon information and My Coupon Manager (previously Coupon Data Pool)

What information about coupons, linked conditions and products are contained in My Coupon Manager?

What is the relationship between My Coupon Manager and My Product Manager?

Ecosystem coupons

What is the role of the coupon issuer, GS1, stores and clearinghouse in creating, checking, distributing, accepting and refunding coupons?

How to upload coupon information in My Coupon Manager

How can you register coupon information in My Coupon Manager as a coupon issuer?

How to retrieve coupon information from My Coupon Manager

How can you retrieve coupon information from My Coupon Manager as a supermarket?

Requesting rates and subscription

How much does a My Coupon Manager subscription cost?

How do I access the platform?

Please note: this video still refers to the Coupon Data Pool that receives product information via a data pool of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). Since 2021, the Coupon Data Pool has been replaced by My Coupon Manager, which is connected to My Product Manager

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