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Interested in mastering Category Management fundamentals or advancing your expertise? Our top-rated masterclass caters to both retailers and suppliers, providing a comprehensive understanding of the field. The masterclass is structured into two synergistic programs, each designed to enhance your skills and knowledge. This masterclass consists of 2 complementary programs: 

  1. an in-depth introduction into Category Management (2 days)
  2. a deep dive into some Category Management fundamentals (2 days)

The 2 programs can be taken together or separately, each blending captivating presentations with hands-on workshops to transform theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

The GS1 Category Management has been running for more than 10 years and is compiled and facilitated by Category Management expert Luc Desmedt (LD&Co).  

    Programme 1

    Programme 2

    After following the 2 and/or 4 day programme you will:

    • Know the 8 steps of the category management process and how to implement them
    • Understand why category management represents the ideal platform to win at the moment-of-purchase, the crucial touch-point within the customer journey.
    • Understand how category management can bring the collaboration between retailers and suppliers to a higher strategic level.
    • Comprehend the need for an engaging category vision and know how to develop this
    • Master some techniques and practices to strengthen the depth of the category assessment and the quality of category plans
    • Know the state-of-the-art shopper research methodologies and understand the strengths and limitations of each methodology
    • Understand the similarities and differences between category management in the physical store and the retailer webshop, from fixing the basics ("don't frustrate me") till more advanced activations ("guide & surprise me").
    • Learn how starting from the common brand & retailer omnichannel customer journey helps to identify and prioritize value adding category management initiatives.
    • Understand the essentials of target shopper-based category management, delivered via a unique framework

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    Programme 1

    Programme 2

    Programme 1 + 2

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    Participants are requested to bring a laptop.

    This training is given in English, but all trainers can answer questions in Dutch and French.


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